The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive

By Brendon Burchard

What it’s all about:  To live a full, productive and exciting life, you need to activate the 10 human drives that make you feel truly alive.  Even if you have a great family, plenty of money and a career you enjoy, it’s still possible to feel dull, unfulfilled or even depressed if you aren’t activating these drives.  So yeah, you can have it all and still feel like poo!  Surprise!  However, incorporating congruence, connection, control and a seven more words that start with ‘c’ can activate your inner charge and help you live an elevated existence.

Depressing businessWho it’s good for: Those who look around at their perfect lives and wonder why the homeless dude on the street seems happier than they are.  

The good stuff:  There’s really a lot of great advice in this book and much of it will make total sense.  While some of it is the same ol’ same ol’ (be present when interacting with someone, make sure your beliefs and actions match), there are some new ideas that really resonate.  Have you ever wondered why you don’t feel fulfilled or connected when trying to support a charity?  Or why being good at everything you do is really kind of a downer?  This book explains it…and what to do to change things.

The not so fabulous:  The author, Brendon Burchard, can get a little high on himself and preachy (especially when he’s talking about accosting poor unsuspecting people with his unsolicited advice).  However, if you don’t take this to heart and concentrate on the message, you’ll find some great nuggets to improve numerous parts of your life.

Best takeaway: On his chapter discussing the importance of congruence, Brendon advises the reader to come up with the three words that describe themselves when they are alone and when they are interacting with others to ensure they are ‘walking the walk’.  Simple exercise that is quite effective.

The epilogue:  Though there is a quite a lot to digest in this book (I finished it yesterday and already can only name 4 of the 10 ‘c’ words), there are some valuable tools and solid insights that can help take your life to the next level.