The Sustainable Edge

15 Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life

By: Ron Carson & Scott Ford

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What it’s all about: Ron Carson and Scott Ford are both incredibly successful leaders in the wealth management industry.  They’ve learned a lot through the years regarding growth, customer service and, most importantly, life balance.  In The Sustainable Edge, they teach entrepreneurs how to achieve this balance and a healthy growth of 15% a year for their businesses.

Who it’s good for: Owners of financial planning businesses will be the ones who benefit most from this book.  Though you can apply many of the concepts to other industries, it’s written by financial planners and most of the examples are about financial planners.  Those in the industry who want to grow while keeping a good life balance should give this one a read.

Closeup of graphs and charts analyzed by business people

The good stuff: The writing is casual with lots of good stories and anecdotes, making it accessible and not overly technical.  There are a number of worksheets to utilize, so those who want to put the principles into practice will have a good starting point.  I also liked that the authors came from two different perspectives–one who had focused too much on work and one who had focused too much on personal life—and were able to come together to mutually strategize a solution.

The not-so-fabulous:  You may lose interest if you’re not in the financial planning or similar field as applying some of the concepts to other industries can be a stretch.  Also, the book’s subtitle is ‘15 Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life’, and while the authors lay this out a little in the beginning of the book, it gets dropped later on.  Also, the concepts and activities described in the book certainly can’t be accomplished in 15 minutes.

Favorite takeaway: The authors talk about finding your passion and using that in your business, which you don’t hear a lot in the financial planning world.  Knowing why you are in business to begin with should be the driving force behind your company.

The bottom line: If you’re building a wealth management company, there’s no reason in the world you shouldn’t read this.  If you’re in a different industry…there are a few reasons in the world you shouldn’t read this, but it’s a relatively quick read from some great minds so it’ still worth it.