Name & Link of Article: 10 Reasons Why You Need a Blog

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Article synopsis: Blogging isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and there’s a good reason for that! We are constantly telling clients the best bang for their online marketing buck is writing a value-packed, informational (sometimes even entertaining) blog. It can be used to drive SEO, it can be published on LinkedIn, it can help bring traffic to your website, it can establish you as a thought leader…yeah, we could go on and on. This article does a great job of simply outlining the ten best reasons why you should start a blog like…yesterday? Is yesterday too soon for you? (You should start now then!)

A good read for: Any business owner or marketer with a website who currently does not blog (or wants to know how to blog more consistently or effectively).

Why the eSpark team liked it: It’s always nice to see your own thoughts eloquently described by another expert in the industry. This article reinforced everything we already knew about blogging…plus a couple little ah-has! that we didn’t. We are always looking to learn more about our industry so this article really helped us to reinforce our original ideas but also educated us on other topics. The article also helped us connect the dots a little more. Meaning, we knew a lot of “we need to do this” ideas but we didn’t know all of the “why we are doing this” aspects. The article helped clear up some blurry questions some of our team had.

Fave article quote: Reason #5: It’s creation. Period. You’re creating stuff. Stuff can be bought, sold, added to, reworked, and changed, but most importantly this stuff is a form of asset–an asset you own and control. No word ever published online has a negative value.