Name & Link of Article: Burned Out by Social Media? 7 Ways to Get Your Life Back

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Article synopsis: We’ve all been guilty of indulging in social media a little too much on occasion. Whether we’re using it for personal use or it’s part of our job, social media burnout symptoms include feeling jittery, becoming listless, or losing perspective on the world around you. If you find you’re suffering from a ‘social media hangover’, you can try these seven tips to regain control. Helpful ideas include using site and app blockers, turning off notifications, and limiting your social networks.

A good read for: Those who get sucked into the social media rabbit hole and find they’ve lost hours of their lives that could be better spent on…well…anything else.

Why the eSpark team liked it: We use social media to help our clients engage and strengthen their brand, but sometimes it carries over a little TOO much into our personal lives. We loved these easy tips to disconnect when you need it while not going completely off the grid.

Fave article quote: “When writer Baratunde Thurston quit the Internet for 25 days in 2013, he found that he was able to question his constant need for information, his oversharing and his lack of appreciation for his surroundings.”