Name & Link of Article: 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Connect with Absolutely Anyone

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Article synopsis: If you’re looking to increase your engagement on social media, you can use these five tips related to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to achieve more results. With practical advice on how to find and use hashtags, create an outreach campaign on LinkedIn, use advanced searches and more, this article lays out some easy-to-use ideas for business owners in all stage of social media use.

A good read for: Any small to medium business owner or marketing manager who wants to grow their company’s presence and ROI on different media platforms.

Why the eSpark team liked it: We loved that the tips were simple to use and not overly complex. We also liked that Facebook and LinkedIn were the two big platforms the author concentrated on. Too many times, articles on social media use gravitate toward the trendier (but not as effective) platforms like Snapchat that are too difficult for newbies to master. Social media can seem daunting, especially for those you who have to worry about outside forces such as HIPAA violations. But the article explains how easy it can really be.

Fave article quote: Networking is a critical aspect to business success and career advancement. But it’s not enough to simply collect business cards. You must be intentional in your outreach, and that’s where social media comes in.