Name & Link of Article: How to Pick Your First SEO Keywords

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Article synopsis: Most people know that SEO is important to their overall marketing strategy. However, many get lost when they try to figure out which keywords will get them the most response. This article does a great job of educating those new to search engine optimization as well as the more advanced marketer on how to choose long tail and head keywords (and why you need both), narrowing down your market, and what to expect from long-term SEO strategy. (Just make sure you stay up with it!)

A good read for: Business owners and marketers who want to do their own SEO marketing. Also good for those who are interested in working with an agency for SEO so they understand underlying strategies.

Why the eSpark team liked it: SEO and keywords can be tricky, especially for those who are not very familiar with online marketing. This article is not too techy, yet provides plenty of useful info. The terms are basic enough for anyone who may not be heavily involved with your company’s website building but the article does a great job explaining how important SEO and keywords truly are and why they are so important. (There are several reasons why they are both necessary and helpful.) We also love that they talk about how SEO is a long-term play and that results won’t come overnight. Like other marketing plans, SEO and the keywords need time to play out to be the most effective. Quick results are usually not consistent and consistency is key.

Fave article quote: SEO is a long-term strategy, so it sometimes takes months before you start seeing results. If you want results faster than that, you’ll need to choose lower-competition and higher-volume keywords.