Name & Link of Article: Tips for Boosting LinkedIn Engagement

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Article synopsis: LinkedIn is a great tool for business to business communication and for reaching out to those you may want to partner or do business with. Those new to the platform, however, often treat it just like Facebook—which is a mistake. It’s got its own rules and best practices, and once you get familiar with them, you can harness this powerful tool for a marketing boost. This article has some great tips on what types of posts get the most traction (hint: it’s NOT images), how to make sure the most people see your posts and why it’s okay to like your own content.

A good read for: Any business owner or marketer who wants to use LinkedIn. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for those in the B2B marketplace. Plenty of consumers are on the social media site as well—you just need to know how to reach them. LinkedIn can help to gain connections that you never you wanted (or needed!). It can be an easy way to gain insight into both your competitors and your current customers. Keeping up with those two groups is vital to continue to be a successful company and LinkedIn can help with that task.

Why the eSpark team liked it: I’ve always loved LinkedIn because it favors original content more than shares and personal posts. This article does a great job of helping readers figure out how to use it to their best advantage. It’s a simple to use and it can be highly effective for your company.

Fave article quote: ‘It appeals to the business professionals that are there to make business connections rather than read about personal posts with pictures and they don’t have time to watch videos.’