the-successprinciples2chapters-jack-canfield-1-638I can’t say enough about Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles.  I was first introduced to this book in a book club that was hosted by our very own business coach Julie Strzyz (she wasn’t a part of our company at the time, but we were so impressed with her coaching skills we knew we just had to have her).  When I signed up for the club, I was instructed to go buy the book that we would be reading and imagine my surprise when I located this brick at the bookstore.  Clocking in at around 550 pages, The Success Principles is NOT a light read that you’ll zip through in an evening.

The good news?  It’s chopped up into very digestible pieces that each pack a unique and powerful punch.  This is the perfect book to keep on your bedside table or in your office since you can turn to it any time and read a chapter or two for some needed inspiration or motivation.  It’s also easy to refer to the parts of the book that you’re needing help with at the time.  No need to read it from cover to cover (though I do recommend it.  You never know which parts will grab you!)

I’m trying to selective when I pick out tips from this book because I could honestly fill up a year of GrowSpark videos with tips from this book alone.  Really, I could.  But since we’re calling this GrowSpark and not JackCanfieldSpark (it just doesn’t have the same ring to it), I had to pick and choose.

For this video, I focused on what Jack calls E + R = O.  I’m a big fan of focusing only on what you can control, and this is an easy equation to remember when you’re faced with a situation that may be difficult to navigate.

Focusing on your RESPONSE to a situation rather than the situation itself (or how others are reacting to it) is a pretty powerful tool and can reframe much of what happens in your daily life to achieve a more favorable outcome.  Give it a try, I think you’ll be surprised how much it helps.

In addition to reading Jack’s book, I also encourage you to check out the other resources he offers on his site.  You can find downloadable journals, planning guides, victory logs and more!