On The Fifth Day of Christmas….

Okay, okay, so it’s really more like 50 ELDs (Enhanced Local Directories) that we give our clients, but that just didn’t work with the song!  Enhanced Local Directories are a business’s key to being found online.  You know when you type a business name into Google Maps and it doesn’t come up?  And you get mad and decide to go to a different business that DOES come up?  That’s because the first business didn’t have complete and consistent listings on the local directories and the consumer reaction of just going on to the next business that is listed is more common than you might think.

Can you handle your own ELD listings?  Yes, but it’s a pain in the…mistletoe (how’s that for a holiday euphemism?).  Not only do you need to manually enter your information into all the directories, but you also have to check them regularly as your information can easily get outdated or changed depending on what each directory is doing internally.  More than likely, there are better things you can be doing with your time than babysitting your online listings.  As a Google partner, we can make the updates for you—and ensure they are always accurate.

Want to make sure your business is easy to find online?  ELDs are your ticket to great SEO…and your e-Team can help you get there!

What is one of the most powerful online tools that should be in your business’s toolbox?  A well-written and regularly updated blog.  Why?  A blog can be utilized on almost any of your social media platforms and will drive people back to your website.  Blog posts can be published on LinkedIn, Tweeted out, and posted on your Facebook and Google + pages.  They’re also great for SEO as Google bots are always looking for new content on websites when giving consideration to rankings.  Gone are the days that you can just throw up a bunch of key words on your site, though.  The bots have gotten smarter and are looking for well-written articles that utilized keywords effectively.

While our title alludes to four blogs a month (which would be ideal), the most important consideration is that your blogs are consistent (don’t write four posts in a week and then forget about them until next year) and that they are giving the readers great information.  A GOOD blog can help you brand your business more effectively, drive traffic to your site and engage readers.  NO blog will do none of this, of course, but a BAD blog can actually have a negative effect (i.e. turn off current clients or show your prospects exactly why they should NOT utilize your services).  The moral of that story is that if you’re committed to do a blog, make sure you’re committed to doing it RIGHT.

Your blog should be very strategic and fit in with the rest of your marketing plan.  What image are you trying to project?  What are you trying to tell your readers (your target audience) about you and your team?  Your blog is the way you set yourself apart from your competition.  Do you want to be the auto body shop with a sense of humor?  The investor who has the most knowledge on current market conditions?  The real estate agent who has the best advice on DIY projects for your home?  Make sure you know who you’re trying to be as a company and then let your blog tell that story.

The eSpark team has told many businesses’ stories through blogging and we are always chock-full of blogging ideas!  Reach out if you need a little inspiration for your business blog.

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