On The First Day of Christmas…

A website is the core of your online presence.  In this day and age, many small businesses fool themselves into thinking they can get away with a (free) Facebook business page and skip the cost of a website altogether.  Unfortunately for them, this isn’t the case.

All social media, INCLUDING Facebook, should be considered a supplement to your website.  It’s a way to drive traffic TO your website, not a substitute for it. Your website is where you shine, where you ‘own’ those prospects who come to visit, a safe haven away from the online noise of social media.  Your website is where you showcase products or services, tout customer testimonials and brand yourself with visuals and/or a well-written blog.  It’s your business’s home on the web.  

Your website is (or should be) under your control.  You don’t have to worry that an algorithm will change without notice and all your hard work will be lost (or need to be completely redone).  The look is your own, the branding consistent, the message unique.  Yes, it costs money and yes, Facebook is free.  But that’s why nearly every business has a Facebook page and also why none of them can stand out.

Legitimacy is another reason why a website is essential.  While you don’t LEGALLY have to prove you’re an upstanding, reputable business to have a website, the average consumer still will look to your site to prove to themselves you’re on the up and up.  Social media does not carry that same weight.  Can you help establish the legitimacy of your website (and therefore your business) through social media reviews, engagement and following?  You bet!  But it’s much more difficult to establish the legitimacy of your business on social media alone.  

Finally, your website is your best bet to improve your rankings on Google search engines.  With a mobile-friendly website, you can create valuable content utilizing the key words you need to get found online.  While some small businesses may argue they are not trying to capture the audience that might find them in this way, the truth of the matter is this: if you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you are losing out on potential business.  I don’t know of ANY business, small medium or large, who wants fewer customers.  

It’s Christmas Day, and I hope every business owner is spending the day with family and friends.  However, we will all soon be back at our desks, striving to be better in 2016 than we were in the previous year.  If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website for all to see, contact us to find out what we have to offer!  And now you can go back to your eggnog….