61wXH-58voLFeaturing Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human

To be quite honest with you, I wasn’t looking for Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human when I went to the library to grab some book for our GrowSpark series.  I was actually looking for one of his other books, the book that arguably put him on the motivational map: Drive.  However, the library being hit and miss when you don’t actually reserve the books you want to read (that would require some pre-planning on my part), I took what I could get.  And what a happy accident that turned out to be!

I loved To Sell is Human.  Although I’ve got to say, I think that the title was a bit misleading because anyone could benefit from this book.  It wasn’t just about how selling is human, it was how to be a better all-around human being (and how this would in turn help you be a better salesperson).  This was one of those books where I simply could not find enough sticky notes to mark all of the pages I wanted to remember.  I was driving the people in my office crazy by shouting out bits of information and making them take part in tests to see from what perspective they viewed the world.  Yes, it’s one of those types of books.   

Though there were several ah-ha moments in the book (some of which I read while getting my oil changed…surprising, the folks at Jiffy Lube didn’t seem that interested in my discoveries), but one that I really loved was the information he presented on the positivity ratio.  Now all of us know that positive is better than negative and that if you have more positive than negative experiences, you’ll be a happier person.  But Daniel takes it down to the actual ratio: how many POSITIVE experiences do we need for each NEGATIVE experience to keep us on an even keel?

This is great advice not just for salespeople, but for ANYONE who wants to live a happier life and have happier relationships.  We’ve got another (very different type of) tip coming from this book in an upcoming video, but I highly recommend you run out and grab the book NOW and give it a read.  I also recommend you check out his Pinkcast, which has some great little tips on motivation, getting things done and other words of wisdom.  Well worth the time!