Featuring Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes –

I am a writer and I have considered myself one ever since that very first short story I hand-wrote on wide-ruled notebook paper when I was in the second grade (it was about a turtle, by the way).  Because writing has always been second nature to me, helping others improve their writing has always been something I enjoy doing.  However, explaining to someone who is uncomfortable with writing how to get the process started can often be pretty difficult.

We’re nann-3dot talking about writing the great American novel, or even writing an e-Book or speech.  If you’re writing these pieces, it’s likely you have experience writing (or are working with someone who does).  We’re addressing more of those types who don’t like writing, don’t feel they are skilled at writing and would rather avoid it altogether.  Unfortunately, if you’re in the business world, this usually isn’t an option.

If you send emails, you need to be able to write.  If you are adding to your company’s blog, you need to be able to write.  If you are posting on your business’s social media page, you need to be able to write.  So really, pretty much EVERYONE writes and that’s what Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes is all about.

One of my favorite tips from this book is for those who have trouble getting started when they need to write a piece or those who feel their writing is too stiff and formal.  Writing an engaging piece is all about who you’re writing it for, and that’s why Ann suggests you start every piece with ‘Dear Mom’ (or something similar).


Everyone writes, and everyone can improve their writing.  Ann Handley firmly believes this, and so do we!  We highly recommend Ann’s book for anyone who’s interested in improving their writing.  Of course, if you’d like some help with your larger writing projects, eSpark is always available to provide assistance!