On The Second Day of Christmas….

Let’s face it: most businesspeople don’t get Twitter.  Not only does it take a lot of time and attention to do it correctly, but it also moves so quickly and includes so many hashtags, bitly links and abbreviations, it tends to lose even the most tech-savvy of us.

HOWEVER.  Twitter can be a great tool for connecting with others (whether you are trying to attract the attention of a celebrity, reach out to others in your industry or help promote a cause you believe in).  It’s especially helpful for certain industries, such as restaurants (think about tweeting your happy hour specials a few minutes before you offer them), non-profits (tweet out links to helpful articles or include bids for fundraising support) and those businesses that are putting out a steady stream of content (news sources, writing services, etc.).  

Should your business be on Twitter?  You need to weigh the cost (mostly the time of whoever in your business is handling the tweets) versus the benefits.  Like any marketing plan, you need to make sure you can do it consistently if you want to see any return.  While our title references ‘two tweets a day’, this is really the minimum of needed involvement on this platform.  Tweets reach their peak (meaning the most people see and or/engage with them) in less than 10 seconds.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be tweeting every ten seconds as this would be impossible (and quite annoying!), but it does mean you should be tweeting multiple times day and at random times to ensure you are reaching a broad audience.

Tips on maximizing your Twitter account include utilizing the right hashtags, using a link shortener so you don’t waste all your character space, knowing how to size graphics (it’s different than Facebook!) and following the right people/businesses whose Tweets you can like, quote or retweet.  

Interested in using Twitter but need a little advice as you begin your tweeting adventures?  Your e-Team at eSpark is always available to assist!