Featuring #AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk –

Content curation is one of my very favorite things to do here at eSpark Media.  From the perspective of a lifelong reader (and writer), curating content for me is like putting together a puzzle from the pieces of the absolute best of the best and being able to share that finished product with others.  Much of what we do with our social media is about content curation, but we wanted to take that to the next level with our GrowSpark video series.  I know how busy most people are and they simply don’t have the time (or the desire) to read book after book about marketing, motivation, business or other topics.  In fact, they’d rather just cut to the chase and get the top one or two tips from a multitude of books so they can start using them right away.  That’s why we decided to start this series of short videos that pulls out the best from the hundreds of books we consume on a multitude of topics.

Gary Vee is one of our favorite gurus on social media and we have learned a lot from his theories and strategies on connecting, engaging and caring in this new digital age.  For our first GrowSpark video, we looked to his newest book, #AskGaryVee to pull out some tips on helping realtors connect on social media.

With more realtors than homes for sale in the Omaha market, we know that those in real estate struggle to make themselves stand out from the crowd.  However, when you look at most of their social media pages, you quickly see that they are underutilizing (or incorrectly using) one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.


Gary Vee’s book is about MUCH more than real estate, though (and it’s also about much more than social media).  Everyone who is looking to grow a business should definitely give it a once-through to pull out some motivating and thought-provoking ideas.

We love helping our clients use social media in ways they may not have thought about!  For realtors, it’s not just about promoting new listings and open houses.  In fact, if you’re doing that, you’re being just like every other realtor and missing the bigger picture.  Try utilizing some of these tips as they’re quick and easy and, of course, if you need more help standing out and engaging your followers on social media, reach out to us!