Business owners in this day and age know they need to use social media to get your business ahead. Social media is extremely useful for branding, image, talking to your clients and potential clients, interacting and telling your company’s story. However, as many ways as there is to do social media right, there are just as many ways to do it wrong. If you aren’t doing social media right, you’re pretty much wasting your time. And even worse, if you’re doing it wrong, you may actually be harming your business.

So what is proper social media etiquette for business? There is so much information out there and it can easily get overwhelming for the typical small business owner, especially because in the technology world, everything changes at lightning speed.

While there are hundreds of topics we can get into, this series of articles will be about the five most important topics involving your business’s social media:

1. Your profiles. Profiles should be filled out completely, accurately, and consistently. Photos are also an important part of your profiles.
2. How often to post. Again, consistency is the key here. Most businesses start out strong with multiple posts, then start getting behind when other parts of their business pick up.
3. What to post. Don’t make the mistake of thinking social media is only a place to sell your products, offer specials, or tell your followers how great you are. Social media is about being social. Many business owners forget that.
4. Responding to feedback. Do you need to thank everyone who follows you? Respond to every re-tweet? What about when you get a negative comment? How you respond and engage on social media can be confusing.
5. The platform. Which platforms are you on and do you know how each differs? A picture you post on Facebook will not necessarily work well on Twitter and vice versa. Knowing what is appropriate for each platform will determine your success with it.

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