Name & Link of Article: Struggling to Brainstorm Marketing Ideas? Here’s Where to Look

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Article synopsis: Those who want to use content marketing in their advertising and branding strategy often come up with this complaint: It’s too difficult to keep finding things to talk/blog/tweet/post about. This article does a great job of showing how EVERY business has plenty to talk about in their content strategy and how they can drive more interesting content simply by focusing on customer service and by addressing complaints or criticisms.

A good read for: All business owners or marketers who often get stuck when trying to develop new and fresh content about their businesses or organizations.
Why the eSpark team liked it: Our clients often tell us they have nothing to write about in their blogs or to post about on their social media pages. Invariably, after asking them a few key questions, we dig up plenty of great information. This article will help marketers ask themselves key questions and develop great content ideas.

Fave article quote: Everyone’s busy, but don’t overlook that there’s great stories to be told every day in your business, purely by the way you do business and by the service you provide to your customers.