On The Third Day of Christmas….

We believe that Facebook is still one of the most powerful online marketing tools a business can use.  Not only can you drive traffic to your all-important website, but you can also grow an audience through boosting and strategic ads that are shown ONLY to your target audience.  Where else can you advertise to your specific demographic for only a few dollars a day?  If you’re doing it correctly, Facebook can be a powerful weapon in your online marketing arsenal.

You have to understand it, though, and use that knowledge to leverage your involvement.  With Facebook’s new algorithm, your business posts are probably only showing up in the feeds of 5-10% of your audience.  To put it in a different way, if 500 people like your page, any given post will only show to 10-20 of them.  You can increase these numbers by encouraging engagement.  The more your audience likes, shares and comments on your posts, the more they will see them.  This is called ‘organic reach’ and there are some great ways you can increase your organic reach: run contests, ask questions, create helpful or funny graphics that others want to share.

Of course, you can also PAY to increase your reach, which is where boosting and ads come in.  If you really want to blow up your Facebook marketing, you need to consider these options.  As mentioned before, you can be very strategic about your ad spend to make sure you’re maximizing your dollars and you can easily see how those ads are paying off in terms of increased engagement.

So where do the three posts a week come in?  This is the minimum you should be posting on your business Facebook page if you want to keep your audience engaged.  Of course, it matters WHAT you’re posting as well.  Remember, 80% of your posts should fall into the helpful, entertaining or informational categories with only 20% being about your actual brand.  Three posts a week that include interesting articles about your industry, beautiful graphics with inspiring quotes, how-to videos or helpful infographics that are strategically boosted will get you far…and a few ads a month will really take you to that next level.

Facebook can be your business’s best friend…but you need to get to know that friend well and work with him accordingly.  Our team loves helping people navigate the ins and outs of Facebook and are happy to help!